PyMunin Multigraph Munin Plugin for Monitoring Disk I/O Stats.

Multigraph Plugin: Yes
Multi-instance Plugin: No


The plugin implements the following graphs:

  • diskio_disk_requests

  • diskio_disk_bytes

  • diskio_disk_active

  • diskio_part_requests

  • diskio_part_bytes

  • diskio_part_active

  • diskio_md_requests

  • diskio_md_bytes

  • diskio_md_active

  • diskio_lv_requests

  • diskio_lv_bytes

  • diskio_lv_active

  • diskio_fs_requests

  • diskio_fs_bytes

  • diskio_fs_active


Sample graphs for plugin:

Disk I/O - Disk - Requests Disk I/O - Disk - Throughput
Disk I/O - Partition - Requests Disk I/O - Partition - Throughput
Disk I/O - LV - Requests Disk I/O - LV - Throughput
Disk I/O - Disk - Queue Length


Configuration variables are passed to the Munin Plugins using environment variables. The environment variables for plugins are usually set in the plugin configuration files in the folder: /etc/munin/plugin-conf.d

The configuration variables implemented by the plugin are listed in the following table:

Variable Description
include_graphs Comma separated list of enabled graphs.
(All graphs enabled by default.)
exclude_graphs Comma separated list of disabled graphs.


Disk I/O Plugin ( diskiostats ) has been developed by Ali Onur Uyar ([aouyar @ GitHub] (https://github.com/aouyar)).


Disk I/O Plugin ( diskiostats ) is copyrighted free software made available under the terms of the GPL License Version 3 or later.

See the file COPYING that acompanies the code for full licensing information.