PyMunin Multigraph Munin Plugin for monitoring the synchronization status (stratum, offset, network delay) of a single remote host using ntpdate.

This a wild card plugin and the name of the plugin must be suffixed with the IP of the host to be monitored, when linking the plugin script to the Munin Plugins Directory ( /etc/munin/plugins ).

Multigraph Plugin: Yes
Multi-instance Plugin: Yes


The plugin implements the following graphs:

  • ntp_host_stratum

  • ntp_host_stat


Configuration variables are passed to the Munin Plugins using environment variables. The environment variables for plugins are usually set in the plugin configuration files in the folder: /etc/munin/plugin-conf.d

The configuration variables implemented by the plugin are listed in the following table:

Variable Description
include_graphs Comma separated list of enabled graphs.
(All graphs enabled by default.)
exclude_graphs Comma separated list of disabled graphs.

Additionally the following configuration variables are implemented by the plugin for Multi Instance support:

Variable Description
instance_name Name of instance.
instance_label Graph title label for instance. (Default is the same as instance name.)
instance_label_format Controls how the instance label will be added to the graph title:
  • suffix (Default)
  • prefix
  • none


NTP Host Offset Plugin ( ntphostoffset ) has been developed by Ali Onur Uyar ([aouyar @ GitHub] (https://github.com/aouyar)).


NTP Host Offset Plugin ( ntphostoffset ) is copyrighted free software made available under the terms of the GPL License Version 3 or later.

See the file COPYING that acompanies the code for full licensing information.